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Dear Shirley,


I felt so blessed the night we came to your talk. It was such perfect timing for me and what I was praying for. God is so faithful and at just the right time, His time, your talk was there.


I brought my 8 yr. old daughter and she enjoyed it too. We were both very impressed with your children as well. She couldn't believe that your son was running the cash register on his own. They were so well behaved and it is apparent it's not only outward. They have such a confidence and peacefulness about them, so do you.


You have such a gift for speaking. Your content, as well as your style is a pleasure to listen to. You were very organized and clear and that helps everyone to follow and learn.


Thank you for doing what you do. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you for throwing some of it my way and helping to re-light the fire that was starting feel a little gloomy and smothered. I left your talk renewed and with a fresh determination to not grow weary of doing good.


Although it's probably fun to travel and speak your hearts passion, there are probably the challenging times . You are a brave, powerful and influential mother and woman. (I'm sure your husband would say you were a very influential wife as well.) We are blessed to have you and your family. If you ever grow weary remember that you are making a difference. Anyone who heard you that night, thought so as well.


Keep up the GREAT Job!

T. Diaz, Florida