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Mommy Education

Feb 11, 2013 1:00:08 PM

One of the joys of homeschooling has been understanding I am in charge of my own education. As most people who study in today's educational system, I took my education for granted. I had learned to pass a test for the sake of the grade and to have a high GPA for the sake of scholarships. All the information I learned was quickly forgotten and never referred to again. I am so sorry I missed so many years of learning. Fortunately, homeschooling provided a second chance to the education I never got. Teaching my children awoke a new love inside of me...a love to learn and to experience life in a new way. A hunger for learning allowed me to experienced subjects, places and nature in a new way! Read More
Posted in Home Education By Shirley Solis

Have you ever wondered how to make effective and lasting changes in your family routine?


A routine is a very useful tool to apply in any family; in fact, the larger your family, the more routine you need. I have not always been an expert in this area. In fact, I learned to master it only because I was very disorganized with my time and suffered a lot because of it. It might seem something so small, but a lack of organization and routine, can completely affect the way you feel emotionally and physically. My days were long and stressful and my family suffered because of me.


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Posted in Family & Relationships By Shirley Solis

How to Teach Children to Sit Still

Jan 22, 2013 8:02:36 AM

Lots of parents ask me how to get their children to sit still for read aloud time. The truth is that sitting still is not only helpful during read aloud, but it is also helpful when watching a video as a family, when visiting others, or when at church.


Because I like making videos so much and I think they are more effective for teaching others about training, our family recorded a video for you. In this video, I teach you the process of training children to sit still.

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Great Music to Get Up in the Morning

Jan 22, 2013 7:24:46 AM

A regular alarm clock just does not get me up in the morning anymore! I need music that invades my soul and makes my body move (it's the Latin in me!).

It's amazing how our mind can shut off the alarm clock and completely ignore it! Then, next thing you know...the kids are up before you and you are behind on your schedule. This was happening to me often and I realized I needed a different strategy, because the good 'ol alarm was not working. I used the power of leverage to help me. Leverage is a "pressure" applied over a thing or incident, which has enough "strength" due to motivation over the thing or incident.

Music has leverage on me. Happy music usually makes my body move, even when I don't purposely want it to move, Ha! Music automatically changes my mood and shifts my state of being.

So, I set out to find a good song for helping me get up with energy and enthusiasm to face the day's dragons. I spent about an hour or so searching, but some people have real bad taste in music and others like to get up to sad music, which talks about "feeling a weight on your shoulders" or the "night after." Well, this was certainly not what I was looking for!

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Posted in Health & Nutrition By Shirley Solis

How to Serve Without Depleting Yourself

Jan 17, 2013 5:54:09 PM

I found this great post recently...I asked the author if I could post it here for you all to learn from. For me it served as a great reminder that I need to find my source of strength from God, and only then could I serve others. Here it is...Enjoy!


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Posted in Devotional Family & Relationships By Shirley Solis